Stray, the video game: 1st 3 Chapters

This isn’t just a how-to video. It’s an actual walkthrough of the first 3 chapters of the Stray video game where you play as a cat.

It’s so realistic-looking! Even if you’re not a gamer, you might like this one.

This is a walkthrough of Stray, the first 3 chapters:

Chapter 1: Inside the Wall
Chapter 2: Dead City, and
Chapter 3: The Flat.

Stray was just released July 19, 2022, on PS4/5 and PC (Steam and Epic)!
It’s also included in PS+ Extra and Premium.

00:11 – Chapter 1: Inside the Wall
09:42 – Chapter 2: Dead City
16:32 – Zurk chase
22:56 – Chapter 3: The Flat
31:16 – First collectible, a Memory (You get it just by playing through the chapter.)

PLAYLIST of Stray, the video game

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