LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Venator Capital Ship Free DLC

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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Unlocking Venator Capital Ship Free DLC (included with the big update with lots of bug fixes) with all Kyber Bricks

Times of Key Points and Kyber Bricks on the Venator:

02:14 – Taking Over the Venator (Admiral Immich)

05:23 – Buying and Getting back onto the Venator

Kyber Bricks:

Bridge (4th Floor):

06:08 – 1st Kyber Brick on the map
06:29 – 1st Kyber Brick: Bridge Buddies

2nd Floor:

06:54 – 2nd Kyber Brick: Beep Boop Scoop

07:49 – 3rd Kyber Brick: Train and Gain (in Training Room)

08:52 – 4th Kyber Brick: Republic Rewards (in Strategic Command; 4 red buttons on 2 floors)

Hangar (2nd Floor):

09:54 – 5th Kyber Brick: Republic Domain (right side)

10:24 – 6th Kyber Brick: Stacks on Deck (left side with Darkside)

1st Floor:

11:12 – 7th Kyber Brick: Refresher Repairs

11:39 – 8th Kyber Brick: Keycard Carelessness (in Armory)