LEGO City: Undercover – 5 Most Useful Collectibles

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Here is one of my most popular videos on YouTube for LEGO City: Undercover – Rex Fury and 4 Red Bricks:

“LEGO City: Undercover”
How to get Rex Fury and 4 of the Most Useful Red Bricks:

Rex Fury and 4 Red Bricks:

Super Color Gun Red Brick
Unlimited Dynamite Red Brick
Studs x10 Red Brick
Super Fast Travel Red Brick

Also, how to get 2 police shields and the Payload vehicle with Rex Fury


00:33 – Super Color Gun Red Brick
03:03 – Getting to the Unlimited Dynamite Red Brick
03:48 – 4th Gold Deposit Pile in Miner Altercation
04:26 – Getting to the red brick and last pile of gold
05:04 – 5th pile of gold in Miner Altercation for police shield
05:34 – Unlimited Dynamite Red Brick
05:54 – Getting Rex Fury
07:43 – Getting to the Studs x10 Red Brick in Fly Me to the Moon
07:56 – 1st orange-handled box for piece of shield
08:03 – 2nd orange-handled box for piece of shield
08:36 – 3rd orange-handled box for piece of shield
09:01 – Payload vehicle
09:13 – Super Fast Travel Red Brick


ALL 19 FREE RUNS in LEGO City: Undercover

Locations of All 19 FREE RUNS and 19 character tokens in “LEGO City: Undercover”:

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Times For Free Run Locations, Character Tokens, and other collectibles:

00:00 – Free Run #1 Cherry Tree Hills (Character token: Baseball Player)

03:39 – Free Run #2 Auburn (Character token: Docks Foreman)

06:57 – Free Run #3 Auburn Bay Bridge (Character token: Fitness Instructor + Red Brick 

      + Character token: DaMumbo while unlocking)

10:09 – Free Run #4 Fort Meadows (Character token: Vampire)

11:35 – Free Run #5 Bluebell National Park (Character token: Brickett)

13:56 – Free Run #6 Uptown (Character token: Cowboy)

15:40 – Free Run #7 Crescent Park (Character token: Skater)

17:17 – Free Run #8 Bright Lights Plaza (Front of the Lego store) (Character token: Cheerleader)

19:31 – Free Run #9 Pagoda (Character token: Disguised Natalia)

21:33 – Free Run #10 Festival Square (Character token: Robot) + Longer Vehicle Boost Red Brick

23:42 – Free Run #11 Heritage Bridge (Character token: Skier) + Collect Sat Nav Studs Red Brick

26:28 – Free Run #12 Downtown (Character token: Ninja)

29:20 – Free Run #13 Lady Liberty Island (Character token: Hockey Player)

31:25 – Free Run #14 Kings Court (by Jenny’s Diner) (Character token: Street Skater)

32:27 –   Rescuer vehicle token

34:29 – Free Run #15 Apollo Island (Character token: Oscar Steel on Remastered version; Bud Hawkins – Astronaut on Wii U)

36:37 – Free Run #16 Fresco (Character token: Snowboarder Guy)

38:25 – Free Run #17 Paradise Sands (Character token: Frank Poolside)

40:02 – Free Run #18 LEGO City Airport (Character token: Skater Girl)

42:07 – Free Run #19 Albatross Island (Character token: Warden Stonewall)