LEGO City: Undercover 10 RED BRICKS for Studs, Bricks, Hearts

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10 Red Bricks for More Studs, Bricks and Extra Hearts for “LEGO City: Undercover”:


00:00 – Brick x2 Multiplier
00:14 – RB01:  Studs x2 Multiplier Red Brick
01:16 – RB02:  Studs x4 Multiplier Red Brick
01:45 – RB03:  Studs x6 Multiplier Red Brick
02:14 – RB04:  Studs x8 Multiplier Red Brick
02:59 – RB05:  Studs x10 Multiplier Red Brick
03:55 – RB06:  Attract Studs Red Brick
05:12 – RB07:  Attract Bricks Red Brick
06:03 – RB08:  Collect Sat Nav Studs Red Brick
09:02 – RB09:  Fall Rescue Red Brick
11:00 – RB10:  Extra Hearts Red Brick

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