LEGO The Incredibles – Customizing a Character:

LEGO The Incredibles, Customizing a Character, Video Walkthrough to get powers and abilities that you might not have yet for MINIKITS, RACES, and TIME TRIALS

The Powers/Abilities start at 2:02:


ICE SUPER:  Ice, Agility, Extinguish, Sharp Shoot

ELECTRIC SUPER:  Electric, Agility, Sharp Shoot

FIRE SUPER:  Fire, Laser, Sharp Shoot

STRENGTH SUPER:  Strength, Bulldoze, Regeneration

EARTH SUPER:  Burrow, Dig, Explosives

WATER SUPER:  Dive, Extinguish, Regeneration, Sharp Shoot

PSIONIC SUPER: Psionic, Sharp Shoot, Dive, Invisibility

MAGIC SUPER:  Levitate, Mind Control, Teleport

TECHIE SUPER:  Hacker, Repair, Tracking

LIGHT SUPER:  Laser, Flight, Illuminate, Immunity

ANIMAL SUPER:  Flight, Sonar, Burrow, Dive

GADGET SUPER:  Remote Control, Flight, Grapple

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